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damelola: #again #does anyone have a plausible explanation for this scene? #other than sexual undercurrents? #because Lana sitting on the desk is certainly playing it that way #it was her choice and the director agreed #so did Jen and her nipples #APPARENTLY

At least twice a month I’m gonna reblog the nipple post and I’m not even sorry

Here’s the thing: if this was any other show and you had the sassy boss in the skirt perched on a desk showing her legs, waiting with one haughty eyebrow raised and a dangerous smile dancing around her lips, and a man walked in to find her in his office like that, the scene would be accepted as all about sexual power plays. Not just territorial but sexual. Just because Emma is female shouldn’t negate that. It doesn’t for me.
I know it caused a lot of straight people to go whaaaat? Because they also recognised the trope and it confused them seeing it with two women for once. That was a very sexy, sensual, eyepopping scene. This is what I missed about Once in S2.

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emma & her own personal puddle

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# Morrilla # q

what the hell?

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    Emma Swan Birthday Week - October 19th to 26th

Gorgeous in the Past!Enchanted Forest

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Cooking with the Queens: A Promisingly Delectable OUAT Spin Off 
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#oh honey #tell me you’re kidding rn #he is a shepherd #i don’t think he knows how to read 

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In the next episode….Young Emma “Abby Ross”:


finds herself a kindred spirit when she befriends a girl who, like her, is a runaway orphan.

This is the “other girl”, Nicole Munoz:



Emma has a thing for latinas brunettes ;)

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Regina Mills in “The Apprentice”.

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Lost re-watch | 6x18 | The End

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